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A highly enthusiastic and creative, commercial photographer, with multiple awards and publications, all within a year of her career as a photographer. Ruhma graduated as an Architect in 2019 from Mumbai and has always found reasons to explore and practice Photography ever since.

Being a huge travel enthusiast and a vivid storyteller helps her gather fresh perspectives on life, trends, and mindful behavior. Having an in-depth understanding of architecture and design helps her visualize designs to portray them at their best through photographs. She has a certain knack for aesthetics and has developed her skills extensively at styling, photography, communicating ideas, and public relations over time.


"Creator of good vibes, eater of french fries, and spreading love to the skies.

Join me on my journey to capture the world with all the colours in my backpack!"

Ar. Ruhma Ukaye


An extension of Colours in my Backpack that is focused entirely on providing editorial and commercial imaging services to the design community.

Architecture, Interior Design, Hospitality, Real Estate, Underconstruction, and Furniture and Products are a few design groups we cater to. Being an architect herself, Ruhma has an in-depth understanding of architecture, spaces, and various design principles associated with it which reflect in the style of the photography she adapts.


2021: Project featured on Architectural Digest India website and social media  - The Globetrotters' Haven

2021: Project featured on India Design World website and social media  - The Globetrotters' Haven


2021: Project featured on ELLE Decor India website and social media  - PMA Madhushala Studio, Pune 


2020: Honorable mention, “Architecture and Design”, World Photographer’s Club International photography competition.

2019: Won, "Public Interiors", Rethinking the Future – One-Click Architecture Photography Competition.

Felicitated at AAARCON 2019, Agra by Mr Prashant Bhat and Team Suryandang (Saurabh Suryan and Lokesh Dang).

2019: Weekly Winner, City Hues.

Jury Panel – Fernando Guerra, Sanjay Puri, Tom Blachford, Matthieu Venot

2018: Silver Medalist, ACARA- Asian Contest of Architectural Rookie’s

(National Level competition)

and many more


A collaborative process between the designer and photographer where the vision, intent, and essence of the designer and project are discussed.

A shot list is ideated and initial planning is done after seeing the project on a preliminary basis.

Any styling and specific needs are addressed and arranged for at this stage.


An optimum time and day is decided for the shoot, depending on the light play and nature of the spaces.

The photographer's vision comes to life and the design is translated into a set of meaningful and aesthetic photographs. The shoot day is never a dull day, so expect loads of fun and inspiring conversations, discussion of creative ideas and enjoy the process of visualizing your project in the most interesting ways. 


It's a wrap, and onto the editing board.

A photograph continues to be created long after it is captured.

Exposure blending, color and tone adjustments, and perspective corrections are done after the final selection of photos are in.

The final photos are stored and digitally delivered with utmost care for details up to professional standards.

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Colours in my Backpack has been Ruhma's dream and vision with the philosophy - 

"to live life in its entirety, one has to experience all possible colours of it - symbolising all ranges of emotions, experiences and challenges."

The colours are also the many different skills she loves to explore and her obsession in exploring colours in photography, or the lack thereof. The backpack is a metaphor for the knowledge and experiences we carry around throughout our life and it is also to say that if given a choice between anything and travel, there's no second-guessing she'd pick the latter!

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